Medical follow-up by appointment

Family physicians at GMF Mercier work with an adapted access appointment mode. You can always make an appointment with your doctor for a follow-up, an urgent visit or for your periodic examination when needed.

When you need an appointment with your doctor, just call and you will get an appointment within a reasonable time, depending on the availability of your doctor. For urgent medical needs, you will have an opportunity to see another doctor on the GMF Mercier medical team if your family doctor is not available.

Call the clinic to schedule your next appointment with your doctor at 450-699-0539.

Click here to learn more about adapted access.

Please note that since the appointments are given within a short time, there is no longer a phone call back to remind you of your appointment. An email reminder will be sent to you if you leave your email address in your medical file. Notify our secretaries if this information has not been given yet!