IUD insertion

One of our family doctors offers the IUD insertion service (with reference from your family doctor).

The installation of an IUD is a simple and short-term procedure but requires three scheduled visits.

You will need about 20 minutes for the first appointment.

You will receive information on the different types of IUDs available. Following the advice of the doctor, you will be able to choose the type of IUD desired. The instructions and the consent of intervention will be made during this first appointment. You will need to bring the prescription for the IUD to your pharmacist.

At the second appointment, allow about 40 minutes.

You must have the IUD in your possession. You must also have taken the pre-medication for pain one hour before the time of your appointment. An observation period of 15-20 minutes is recommended after the installation.

The third visit is scheduled eight weeks after installation to ensure tolerance and proper location of the IUD.