Ear wax removal

The ear, especially the canal and the eardrum, is very sensitive. The accumulation of earwax can damage these structures over time. It can affect your hearing. Eliminating excess earwax by ear irrigation is a sure way to minimize the risk of ear damage.

Sometimes foreign matter such as food, insects or small stones can enter the ear. In these cases, the goal is to quickly and safely remove the objects before they sink deeper into the ear or the delicate channel is damaged. Ear irrigation can be effective in removing foreign bodies from the ear.

You must consult one of our doctors or nurse practitioners before having wax removed from your ears.

Make an appointment with the nursing assistant of the minor emergency if you need an ear irrigation.

It is important to put 2 drops of Docusate, every day, for 3 days preceding the irrigation, (obtained from your pharmacy) in your ear affected by an accumulation of cerumen (wax). This will greatly facilitate ear cleaning.