GMF/CMM Mercier

The Mercier Medical Clinic opened in May 1990 under the initiative of Dr. Einagel and Dre Cabana. For 30 years the clinic has offered family medicine and specialty health care services to the population. In November 2016, the team of doctors decided to become a FMG – Family Medicine Group (GMF – Groupe de Médecins de Famille) . This change in practice style has led to more services for our clients, while working in close collaboration with other health care professionals. This new team includes: 21 family doctors, of which 3 are obstetricians, 3 specialized nurse practitioners (IPS-SPL), 2 specialized nurse clinicians (ICS), a nutritionist, a social worker  and a pharmacist. In addition, we offer the services of several specialists:  Internal medicine , respirology, gastroenterology, general surgery, and dermatology. This entire team works collaboratively to provide more opportune access to care as well as extended services to best serve our patients.