Advance access

Adavanced access is a new way of scheduling appointments for periodic examinations and follow-ups with your family doctor. It improves accessibility to your family doctor in a timely manner according to your medical needs. Call for an appointment 2-3 weeks before the scheduled date of your exam. No appointment is made 1-6 months in advance. It is your family doctor, during your last visit, who will discuss with you the frequency of periodic and follow-ups according to your health needs. Follow the recommendations of your family doctor. The latter has openings in his schedule for daily emergencies, which can be offered to you by specifying the nature and the severity of your problem to the secretaries. These urgent appointments, are not used to complete forms or to renew prescriptions. Unfortunately, we may be unable to respond to your request if your doctor’s schedule is full, if he is on call at the hospital or  at a conference. Note, however, that one of his colleagues may be available to see you or an appointment to the minor emergency may be available if it is an emergency.

Collaborate with our receptionists and secretaries so that they can adequately respond to your request and offer you the appropriate appointment.

Renewals of your prescriptions are to be made made during your regular appointments. If, however, you need a renewal of your prescriptions without an appointment, or from a request of your pharmacist, a $ 20.00 fee will be payable on obtaining your prescription.