Appointment cancellation policy

For all appointments with a doctor (mini emergency type, monitoring or periodic review with your doctor), it is important for you to respect your appointment. A place is reserved for you! By failing to come to your appointment, you take away a visit someone else could use! At GMF Mercier, there are more than 1,000 missed appointments annually at the clinic. This represents more than 1000 lost places to serve other patients enrolled in our GMF as well as for non-registered patients. Considering the difficulties of access for patients to their family doctor, it seems to us unacceptable for the patient population of our region that each year nearly 1000 appointments are lost.

This will result in additional fees, and takes away a place that another patient wishing to have an appointment would have been refused.

Out of respect for the staff and doctors of our clinic who are preparing your appointment, but especially out of respect for other patients waiting to see their doctor, it is mandatory to cancel your, within a minimum of 24 hours, if you no longer need it or can not attend.

With this in mind, the GMF Mercier will apply fees to respect this policy.

An appointment missed or canceled within 24 hours notice will incur fees! *

Less than 24 hours:

$ 30 fee for a consultation (follow-up, consultation in min-emergency)
$ 50 fee for a management appointment (first appointment) or for a periodic examination

For any cancellation, please notify us as soon as possible by calling 450-699-0539.

This is respectful and it is your responsibility.

* except in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the physician