Marie-Christine Lefrancois

Graduated in nursing from Laval University in 2007, Marie-Christine Lefrançois, a clinical nurse, began her career at Anna-Laberge Hospital in pre/post operative surgery. Then she worked on various units: geriatrics / intensive readaptation / palliative care, medicine, surgery, cognition clinic and also liaison nurse. It was in May 2017 that she made her arrival at GMF Mercier, in order to continue her role as nurse clinician, but this time in the first line. Its role is to assess the state of health, determine and ensure the implementation of the plan of care and nursing treatments of registered users of the GMF. She also provides nursing care and treatment in order to maintain the health of recovery and especially to prevent the disease. She works with multiple clients and chronic diseases (hypertension / diabetes / hypercholesterolemia /chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ), women’s health (cytology / contraception), public health (vaccination / sexually transmitted and blood borne infection), smoking and ABCdaire follow-up (9 months).